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Use of Social Media Policy


At Moor Row Primary School we publish information about our school and communicate with parents and carers in a number of ways including on social media.  At the present time, the only site that we use is Facebook and we welcome anyone who is interested in the life of the school to connect with us in this way.  We believe that it is an excellent means of keeping parents and carers informed on a regular basis.


Our Expectations:

It is important for everyone concerned that we are very clear about how we use Facebook and what is expected from the people who choose to engage with it.  All parents and carers are expected to follow our guidelines and ensure that they behave appropriately and with respect at all times.

We use our social media page to publish information that is of general interest. We do not believe it is an appropriate place to discuss personal matters that are specific to individual members of our community, whether that be children, parents, staff or governors.

Concerns about any aspect of school life should be raised appropriately by speaking, personally, to a member of staff. If a parent or carer remains dissatisfied, our complaints procedure is available.

We will not tolerate any form of bullying or intimidation on our social media account.
This includes comments or posts that are defamatory, rude or abusive towards any member of our school community, whether that be children, parents, staff or governors. This includes the personal social media accounts of parents and carers.

Parents, carers and children should not use social media to contact staff and governors.


Ensuring Privacy:

It is very important that our use of social media does not expose our pupils to potential danger.

We will not publish photographs of children without the written consent of parents and carers.

We will not identify any of the children that are featured in photographs by name.

We will not allow any other information to be published on our social media page that can personally identify our pupils such as their age or address.

Parents, carers and other visitors to the school must not take photographs of pupils or any school activity without the explicit permission of a senior member of staff.


Enforcing This Policy:

To ensure the ongoing safety and well-being of pupils, staff, parents and governors, we will monitor our social media account regularly.

Where allowed by the site, we welcome comments on the information that we post. However, we reserve the right to delete comments and ban further comments from anyone who breaks the terms of our policy  

All serious breaches of this policy will be referred to the Governing Body who will take appropriate action to ensure that this is not repeated. This may include reporting the matter to the police and issuing a banning order preventing a parent or carer entering the school premises and attending events such as performances and open days.

We will ban and report anyone who breaks the terms of service of the relevant social media platform. For example, Facebook’s Terms and Conditions do not permit people under the age of 13 to open an account. For this reason, pupils should not engage with our Facebook page.


We reserve the right to remove our Facebook page if we do not feel that it is being used appropriately.

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