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Emergency Closure Procedures


Sometimes school closure at short notice is unavoidable and this is usually due to adverse weather or issues with the heating or water systems in the school.  The decision to close is never taken lightly but Moor Row Primary School will always consider the health and safety of pupils and staff when making such a decision.

In the event of an emergency school closure, you will be notified by text message as soon as the decision is made.  As we are limited to a certain number of words in a text message, additional information will be provided via the school website and Facebook page as soon as this is possible.  Please understand that this additional information may not be immediate as staff will prioritise health and safety.  In the unlikely event that you do not receive information informing you of school closure and your child arrives at school, there will be a member of staff here to meet them and make contact with you.  We have a number of staff who live in the village who can get here even when weather is particularly bad.  If this happens they will be supervised until contact is made with you.

Thank you for your understanding and support.