Moor Row Primary School

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MORNING SNACK & School lunches

Morning Snack

Fruit and Vegetables are provided free of charge to Nursery, Reception and KS1 children to enjoy for a morning snack.

Parents of KS2 children are able to advance purchase a breaktime snack for their child(ren) through the Lunchshop Website ordering system for 50p per day.  Snacks include toast, fruit, yoghurts and a drink.


School Lunches

School dinners are provided by Orian and are prepared each day on the school premises.  There is choice of 3 meals - a hot dinner option, a jacket potato and salad option and a sandwich option..  All dinners are ordered using the Lunchshop Website ordering system and must be ordered by 8.30am each day.  Menus are provided 3 weeks in advance which enables our parents to plan and pre-book lunches for the child(ren).  (Parents are provided with login details prior to their child starting at Moor Row School.)

Dinner for Nursery Children is charged at £4.40 per day which also includes childcare costs for the lunchtime period.

Dinner for Reception and KS1 Children is provided at no charge.

Dinner for KS2 Children is charged at £2.40 per day.

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