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PE and Sport Premium

Moor Row Primary School recognises that PE and sport make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of our pupils.  We believe that it is important to provide a broad, balanced, high quality curriculum as well as a good range of extra curricular activities.  It is our aim to establish a sporting culture that enables and encourages all children to play and enjoy sport.  We do this through our curriculum, after school clubs and by taking part in competitive sport at every opportunity.


What is the PE and Sport Premium?

The government is providing additional funding to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools.  This funding is allocated directly to schools and can only be spent in this way.  All primary schools are allocated a lump sum of £16,000 plus a premium of £10 per pupil.  Schools have to use this funding to improve their provision of PE and sport but we have some freedom in deciding how we will do this.  Possible uses for this funding include:
-  hiring specialist PE/sport teachers or qualified sports coaches to work alongside teachers when teaching PE/sport to improve their skills

-  providing existing staff with training and resources to help them teach PE/sport more effectively

-  providing cover to release teachers for professional development in PE/sport

-  introducing new sports or activities that will encourage more pupils to take up sport

-  running sport competitions or activities with other schools

-  providing places for pupils in after school sports clubs and holiday clubs

-  supporting and involving the least active pupils in accessing sport
We are committed to ensuring that all children benefit from the Sports Premium regardless of ability and that the most able children are given the opportunity to compete and access sporting facilities in the wider community.


How much PE and sport funding have we received?

In the academic year 2018-19 we have received £16,609.


How we are spending this money and what we hope the impact be?

 We are using the sport premium to address our key priorities for this academic year which are:

  • to continue to improve the quality of teaching in PE  
  • to increase opportunities for pupils to engage in competitive sport 
  • to improve access to and increase the levels of participation in physical activity and fitness 
  • to increase participation in after school sport and fitness 
  • to inspire pupils to achieve in PE and sport and celebrate this achievement
  • Ensuring the school has a safe and secure outdoor field space for athletics. 


A full breakdown of our spending is available in our PE and Sport Premium Plan 2018-19.


How we plan to make these improvements sustainable in the longer term?

We are providing opportunities for school staff to work alongside professional coaches with the aim of improving their own teaching and coaching skills. 

We are creating strong partnership with other schools within our local cluster to improve the access of all pupils to competitive sport.  These partnerships can be sustained in the future.

We are inspiring our pupils to become more involved in sport and providing them with opportunities to develop links with local sports clubs that can be continued as they grow older.


At the end of Key Stage 2 in Summer 2019, 90% of the cohort were able to swim 25 metres.

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