Moor Row Primary School

Manners, Respect, Success


Moor Row, Cumbria, CA24 3JW

01946 810620

Our aims and ethos


We pride ourselves on our caring, family ethos and strive to be a positive part of the local community.  It is our vision to achieve the highest standards of education within a safe, welcoming and caring environment where children, staff and parents are respected and valued.

Our overriding aim is to develop the skills, attitudes and learning habits needed for success in the modern world for all of our pupils.  We strive to achieve this by providing a broad and challenging curriculum delivered within a supportive and nurturing environment.




  • To provide pupils with the best possible start to their education and life; academically, socially and emotionally.
  • To aim high and celebrate success and achievement across the full range of school activities.
  • To develop confidence and self esteem in all pupils by providing care, guidance and support whenever it is needed.
  • To  challenge and motivate pupils to achieve the highest standards in all aspects of their learning, personal and social development. 
  • To provide a stimulating, broad and challenging curriculum that encourages creativity and meets the diverse needs of all pupils.
  • To provide excellent role models and support pupils in developing the skills needed to become good citizens and positive members of the school and wider community.
  • To support pupils in developing enquiring minds and a desire to further their knowledge and understanding of the world. 
  • To remove all barriers to learning and promote equality of opportunity for all.
  • To develop a range of moral values including respect, aspiration, honesty, unity, tolerance and responsibility.
  • To encourage everyone within the school community to contribute to and participate in the school's growth and development.